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The Peculiar Crime of Oddball Mr. Jay

By Bruno Caetano

In a city where nature has been forbidden, a small crime by a simple man triggers a chain of unexpected consequences.


Based on a short story by: Manuel Ruas Moreira
Script by: Manuel Ruas Moreira e Bruno Caetano

Director: Bruno Caetano
Art Direction: Ana Bossa
DOP: Vitor Estudante
Music: Filipe Raposo

Lead Animator: Rita Sampaio
Animation: Emanuel Nevado, Timon Dowdeswell
Additional Animation: Claudi Sorribas, Bruno Caetano
Machinist and Motion Control: Vitor Estudante

Acting Director: Quimbé
Actors: Quimbé, Ana Teresa Pousada, João Sousa
Narrator: Sérgio Godinho

Puppet Makers: Paula Custódio, Catarina Santiago, Guilherme Gamito
Set and prop supervisor: Ana Bossa and Débora Gil da Costa
Set and Prop Makers: Ana Bossa, Débora Gil da Costa, Rita Almeida, Marta Viana, Janaina Drummond, Gonçalo Marques, Vitor Estudante
Adicional Set, Prop and Puppet Construction: Mariana Leal (internship), Mariana Fonseca, Alice Almeida
Adicional Art Direction: Débora Gil da Costa
Runner: Sérgio Reis

Concept Art: Ana Bossa and Rui Lacas
Set Design: Ana Bossa and João Costa
Technical Drawings: João Costa
Adicional Technical Drawings: Nuno David
Graphic Designer: Rita Almeida
Title Designer: Mauro Santos
Credits Animation and Design: Ala Nunu Leszynska
Credits Illustrations: Jeanne Balas e Ala Nunu Leszynska
Laser Cutting: Maria Boavida, Gabriela da Rocha

Post-production and Compositing: Simon Griesser, João Faria, Vitor Estudante
Sound Design and Mixing: Carlos Abreu e Miguel Gonçalves
Color Correction: Andreia Bertini

Producer: Bruno Caetano
Co-Producer: Michael Proença
Production Assistant: Débora Gil da Costa
Production Accountant: António Selas

A COLA – Audiovisual Collective (PT) and Wild Stream (FR) Co-Production

With the support of:
Oldskull FX –
Oma –
Xcut –
Salon Alpin –
Ingreme –
Walla Collective –